C&K Construction's privacy policy is intended to assist you in understanding what and how this website collects and uses the viewer's information.

Information collected on this website:
This website collects analytical information through the assistance of Google™ Analytics. Google Analytics is a third party software that allows website owners to create an account, place a few lines of code into their html web pages and then collect their website's viewer statistics. Google Analytics collects the date and time of your visit to this website, your geographic location (city), your method of accessing this website, any keywords you use with Google's search engine to find this site, the internet browser you used to access this site, your computer's operating system, your computer's screen resolution, your computer's screen colors, your computer's Flash® version, your network location and internet connection speed.

The geographic location is limited to the viewer's city and does not include any street addresses. No names, credit card information, nor any other personal files on your computer are collected by Google Analytics. The rest of the information gathered by Google Analytics is completely harmless for others to view.

Personal information you provide:
This information is not automatically collected but received by you choosing to provide C&K Construction with this information. The "Contact" form is the only method on this website that you can provide information with. Any information that you enter into those forms and submit are sent to C&K Construction. C&K Construction respects your privacy and does not sell nor share your information with others.